A calm and calm calm

I've been to Denver, Boulder, Boston, NYC and Mayne Island.

Crossing my path: orcas, strangers with rosemary to offer, a masseuse, beds dreaming next to friends, early dawn shared with new faces, hanging a chandelier from a boom on Bowery, circling unfamiliar cities and feeling their vertical bricks with my fingertips, candles on chocolate cake, music filtering from blocks away, museums, flight after flight, and the first pink on my skin.

And after all the holding it together and setting alarms for three in the morning (my time) and whiplashing my head back and back again, it is this photo that I think of. Of two trees that stand together. Some fateful or lucky way they've remained tall against the backdrop of sprawling suburbia. And their togetherness is so pleasant and so lonely.


The Noisy Plume: said...

So pleasant.
So lonely.
Welcome home.

Delilah said...

Yes and setting your alarm for 3 Am, And the picture is perfect the blue gray of early morning.

Anonymous said...

And Calm calm calm on the photography and words underneath also?? (I sound like the Wilster don't I!)

Heckety said...

I like the way you have just the roof tops, as well as the depth of colour, and the way it curves slightly to give distance, or space. This I just LOVE!
Serene, balanced, timeless...