Rest in peace dearest Munners

A cat left me this week. Or rather, a cat left everyone this week.

Although she didn't like water, I think she would have been very happy floating away on one of these barges.

She would have stretched out long and twisted against the hot metal and tucked her little chin away under a paw; legs one direction and nose the other. She made awkward look sophisticated.

She would yawn endlessly and purr along with the motor. She would glance with disinterest at the Islands passing. She would lick her tousled fur back to place like a lady. She would be peaceful with the open water unfolding around her vessel.

And she would be warm. She would always, always be warm from this day forward and forever.

This photo is for Honey.

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Willie said...

The loss of this beautiful natured little creature we called Munners is touching us all. Her gentleness and kindness toward Shadow, Roo and Chip as well as all the humans in her life was something most of us could learn from. A true lady in all aspects of the word ... graceful, elegant, softly meowing, always at her leisure, with the odd outburst of playtime fun.

I will miss you, but ... love you always and know you live on in my soul.