WHP giveaway: three of twelve (flowers!)

Enter to win this 8 x 8 giclee print of a WHP original; printed on textured canvas with faux-polaroid borders. (Frame for demonstrative purposes only. I'm a demonstrative girl.)

This month: purple flowers. You like?

To win:

* The contest is open from 12PM June 25th until 12AM June 29th.
* In the comments section, submit one sentence to finish the story excerpt below. (To read the full up-to-date version of the story, click here.)
* Be sure to leave your email information along with your sentence.
* For an extra chance to win, become a follower of this blog. But only if you like, please.
* Check back the morning of July 1st for the announcement of the winner.

The excerpt:

"She holds the orange cat’s tail, keeping the arched body balanced between the heat of the kitchen and the air outside. She feels for the scissors on the counter and snips a small patch of hair from the very tip of the tail. She rubs the orange down between her fingers until it bunches and holds. She paperclips it together and places it in the waiting envelope. The envelope contains one other item: a note with the words “there is missing happening here.” She scrawled the words in her very best and most natural handwriting so he would know that it was her. ____________________________."

So: scribble, please erase little, and submit to me ....

[edit: comments are now closed. Thanks for participating...next giveaway is July 25th]


Christa Pirl said...

As she dropped the envelope in the mailbox on the corner, she was certain he would understand all about the odd events that lead to the disapearence of each ginger-colored creature in the vicinity and knew he would return to protect the cat, but most importantly her...as she fingered her own orange locks lightly.

Christa Pirl

Kylie said...

A single tear danced softly down her pale cheek and then gently landing on the envelope, sealing it with her love.

cleemckenzie said...

So that he would remember from that certain slant of her letters all the other notes in the past, the notes that brought him back those other times. June. September. December, just before Christmas.

Would this one be another magnet? Would that tiny bit of fur call up the memory of home? The home he fled? She set the envelope inside the mailbox, lifted the metal flag and cried.

Amy / Handmade Evolution said...

and remember - and perhaps, this time around, things would be different.

Anonymous said...

But even the most illustrative words could not convey how empty the missing has made her.

Tammi said...

The small bit of downy fur a reminder of what he loved most.

dreamon said...

Names are unreliable; she is depending on the visceral memory her handwriting and the orange fur will evoke in him.

elizabeth said...

She added, "Daddy, please come home... Remember, how much you loved holding Muffy on your lap and petting her? Remember how you said that her hair was painted by God to look like mine? Look,Daddy, I'm sending you some of Muffy's hair so you remember and come home soon.... We love you. There's too much missing happening here."