WHP GIVEAWAY: two of twelve (clouds!)

If you like this print and would like it to be yours ... it can be.

Last month was a huge success ....

This month: a different print, a different day. A different set of ideas and creativity and personalities (welcome!).

What remains the same is the fact that I'm determined to brighten your room, and I have eleven more chances to do so.

The details:

*The contest will be open for five days: 7AM May 25th until 12PM May 29th.
* The winner will receive the featured 8 x 8 inch print from a joyous me.
* The print is giclee printed on textured canvas
* It will come with a faux-Polaroid white border. Decadent.
* I will choose the winner by judgement and discretion and by playing favourites. Or, by the number my dog's paw lands on.

How to enter:

* In the comments section, submit one sentence to finish the short short story excerpt below. (To read the full up-to-date version of the story, click here!)
* Check back the morning of June 1st for the announcement of the winner.
* I hope it's you.
* There. That's easy.

The excerpt:

"Her fingers shake and she stares at them while they turn the dial to close the element. The gas pops closed. The flame extinguishes, the kettle is silent. She pushes the kettle hard against the back of the stove so the cats on the counter have less a chance to knock it with whisker and tail. The cats adore the flame; it attracts and repels them. Frequently a whisker ignites or an eyebrow lash disappears. They stand there, blinking, then shake their small heads and walk to the other side of the counter to look offended from afar. ____________________________."

So: scribble, please erase little, and submit to me ....

Bonne chance!

[Edit: Comments are now closed. Thank you to all who participated! Please check back the morning of June 1st for the announcement of the winner ... and to read the continuation of the story for next month.]


GlitzGlitter said...

With the smell of burned cat hair in her nostrils, she contemplates her cup of tea and stares out at the gray foggy morning through the dirty pane of glass.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's me who gets burn, because the fire attracts and repels me too.When that happens, we look aech other and share a smile. I'm sure the cats smile.

jane said...

She smiles one of those early morning half smiles and takes a delicate sip of her steamy hot tea. Today will be a good day as she has 6 orders to print.

Alessandra said...

oh no! it wasn't anonymous...it was my comment :( the second one

Walter Helena said...

Thanks Alessandra; noted :)

snoweflake farm said...

The cats brush against her ankles as she heads out to the garden to drink her strongly brewed jasmine tea.

Chelsea Robbins said...

she looked out of the air plane window and realized the beauty of her life-the life she didn't know she loved so dearly as she realized that these same clouds were the clouds that others had seen before they took their last breath missing their destination.

morbid. Wasn't trying to go there.
beautiful print.


I'd love this print for my husbands office.

Masy said...

hello! is it possible to order pictures? :)

Walter Helena said...

Hi Masy,

Yes, you can certainly order prints through my Etsy shop at:


If you don't see the print you're looking for, please email me at: walterhelenaphotography@gmail.com (or you can convo me through Etsy) and we can get you exactly what you're looking for.


Daniel Bellow said...

She wonders, if one of them actually caught fire, should she try and put it out with the water from the kettle, or bring the ball of flames and claws to the sink?

cserdan said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photography! Well done.

caitlin @ blogbykobrak said...

Every time she thinks about him her mind travels and most of the time she hurts herself. The cats knew, that was why they were giving her that sceptical look. They knew what she was about to do, what she always did when her thoughts came to him.

Holly said...

While her tea steeps she opens the utensil drawer and pulls out the can opener as quietly as she can. She smiles knowingly. With a pop the lid comes off and the smell of tuna wafts through the air.

Caitlin said...

She wishes she could show her feelings as openly as the cats.

Anna Emilia said...

"A row of paws was watching while she closed the moment of thinking by opening her arms from akimbo and pouring the steaming water to a green cup with one crack."

What a wonderful idea, very exited to know how this story will become!

This all reminds me of the dream of last night, there indeed were cats and I was traveling in a train in Russia with a big group, just about to change the train and I was the one responsible about the tickets, just giving everyone their own ones, it was difficult to read the names with Russian alphabets, but I learnt to be not worried or panicking in my dreams. Just then I met a friend who gave me a cat to hug. Sweet dream it was and I wish that long train trip would become real soon!

Have a happy day!

Kylie said...

She takes no notice to their offended faces, they never seem to learn; instead she breathes in the sweet scent, of freshly brewed tea and looks out the kitchen window to the heavy blanket of fog.


I'm not sure if I can enter, as I live outside the US, but love the idea of a give-away involving more than just a comment! I found you through a comment on Shutter Sisters, and most definetly subscribing in my feed reader!

LorraineVeronica said...

The fatter cat coughed with annoyance and said,” Who do you think you are human? Are you forgetting your place?” His sleek fur glittered and gleamed in the soft summer light. His cold hard eyes stared at the thin pale human before him. She wasn’t much to look at. Strange yellowish hair fell about her face in a sort of manic manner, as if it was trying to escape. The cat shook his head and thought to himself, “when did this world become so cluttered with all these nervous humans? What to do with them? They weren’t that entertaining and seemed overly emotional.” The other cat- this one female was a bit more forgiving and purred softly to the girl they called Jane, “ There there human. You will soon be trained and you won’t have to be so jumpy around fat Morris here.” She gave a sort of smile that accidently came out as a sneer. Poor Jane started to shake again.


Karena said...

With a cool breeze blowing gently, the cats hop to the open window to look out at the garden and feel th air on their little faces.

Art by Karena

Oh and I am having a surprise on my site as well!

Lis said...

She shakes her head as if reply and then, the spell is broken. She recognizes she does not want tea right now. Turning from the stove, she looks out the window and catches a flash of wing - a hawk - sailing by.

beautiful image!

Heckety said...

'Curiosity,' thinks the cat,' singed my whisker. Is a cup of tea really worth such loss?'

I just love your photography- its bee-u-ti-ful! Real eye candy, and the piece you are offering is so serene. You are very generous!

Anonymous said...

As quickly as the offended looks appear, they are gone, replaced by the unconditional love she has grown to expect, but more importantly require.

Mommy in the Making said...

She sighs and shakes her head a little. She wasn't in the mood for their feline antics today, this tea was to serve a purpose. After the leaves were properly steeped her grandmother, as she had watched her do a hundred times before, would look down into the bottom of the cup, cluck her tongue gently and then descend into silence while she contemplated.... Tess knows that as her grandmother concentrates she, herself, will take a moment, close her eyes, breathe the sweet light scent of lavender that follows her grandmother everywhere, and by the time she opens her eyes the future will be decided.


Well that was a fun little exercise - thank you! I also like that I think the feel of my story ending sort of matches the feel of the photos - which is beautiful!


You Are My Fave said...

Time for tea.

Maureen said...

Another vow broken, she glances at the gold band on her ring finger, twirls it once, considers its inscription, feels the weight of tears drying on her hand.